Greenroom Presents…

The Internet

+ special guest Nicky Davey and Dizzy Fae

+ dj sets from tiiiiiiiiiip & Keezy

Tuesday, October 6th 2015

6:30 – 10:00PM

All Ages


The Internet

The LA-based band delivers an impressive balance of neo soul, acid jazz, indie rock, and a refined R&B sound that draws evident comparisons to nostalgic 90′s classics. Yet, more significantly, the budding group of young musicians are ushering in a massive new soul movement that is steadily reshaping the landscape of modern music.

Released June 30th, Ego Death is The Internet’s third full-length project under the Odd Future imprint, distributed in partnership with Sony / Columbia. The cohesive 12-track album has been widely celebrated for curating a golden era groove that seamlessly incorporates an accent of experimental production that’s become signature of the soundcloud era. Featuring standout songs such as “Girl”, “Special Affair” and “Go With It”, the project is an artful melodrama that offers a soothing hybrid of rhyme and reason.

via Julian Mitchell of Forbes

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Nicky Davey


Dizzy Fae

In the past year, a new wave of young artists have begun to emerge from Minnesota’s capital city of St. Paul. Corbin (fka Spooky Black) led the charge, blazing a trail in ways that Minneapolis nor St. Paul had yet to experience with a hometown artist.  Following close behind was Lexxi Alijai, gaining a number of fans after being featured on Kehlani’s track Jealous, which has now amassed over three million listens.

It now appears that the next in line is 17 year old Dizzy Fae. Also a St. Paul native, Dizzy is similar in the sense that she prefers to keep to herself, using this debut single/video “Color Me Bad” as an introduction. 

Watch Color Me Bad: