Since performing their very first shows together in the early spring of 2003, Transit Authority has become known throughout the U.S. and abroad as the premier tribute to the iconic group Chicago. Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, this eight member ensemble creates a fiery musical salute to the greatest horn driven rock act to ever come down the pike. Transit Authority’s mission is to recreate that excitement of the original Chicago Transit Authority’s sound each and every performance.

With stellar Cetera/Kath/Lamm like vocals leading the way, killer industrial strength guitar, and note for note traditional arrangements on many of the songs, (why mess with perfection) along with one of the mid west’s best horn and rhythm sections, Transit Authority will honestly make you believe you are witnessing the real thing performing songs before your very eyes and ears!

Transit Authority will take you along on a high energy sonic journey back into time, starting with some of the very first mega-hits such as Make Me Smile, Does Anybody Know What Time It Is, and Questions 67 & 68, into the eighties with wonderful ballads like Hard To Say I’m Sorry / Get Away, and Hard Habit to Break.

Transit Authority’s performances are so dynamic and energetic that you are reminded yes, horns truly belong in rock & roll! Brass and wood-winds merging seamlessly with drums, bass, keyboards, and gutsy guitar form an air-tight rhythm section completing the band with all the textures, rhythms, riffs, fills, and great vocals that recreates perfectly the legendary sound of Chicago. One of many things that have always set the Chicago sound apart from other horn bands has been their trombone leading horn section. Transit Authority has assembled some amazingly gifted horn players whom meticulously capture all the nuances of the original recordings.

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